About Naxos Trekking

Naxos combines astonishing beaches with majestic mountain views. Pastures, farming fields, even lunar-like landscapes can be found here. Among them lie the scenic villages of Naxos linked together by a network of ancient footpaths.

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Professional Team

Yiota Margariti, Geologist
Tassos Marioglou, Physicist

Eco friendly / Social Cooperative Enterprise

We protect the local Flora and Fauna and elevate natural beauty and historical sights.
We support and promote local folkway and traditions by providing entertainment as soon as education in ecological and cultural subjects.

Hiking Security

Our experienced guides are fully First Aid and CPR certified. During any given tour, a Medical Associate from Diagnostiki Naxou is always on standby duty for any medical or other emergencies.

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Naxos Island
84300, Cyclades
Phone Number: 
+30 69 55 44 59 00