Yiota Margariti, Geologist

I was born and raised in Naxos island. I was settled back in the island, after twelve years of being away, studying Geology at the University of Athens, working and travelling around the world. Hiking has always been my hobby. I love exploring all these hidden treasures of my island, the culture of my people and the history of my ancestors.

Nowadays, I work as a teacher and I guide my island’s visitors into a true experience of local way of living. My aim is to offer you, through my eyes, the life and the culture of the place you have visited and make you enjoy an activity that will enrich your memories.

We love trekking on the island all year round, enjoying the beautiful natural and historical landscape. We hike old tailored footpaths and discover forgotten ones. Our motivation is the beauty of the scenery and the charm of the historical sites that are spread around the island.

Our Social Cooperative Enterprise aims to serve local and collective interests and to  promote employment, social cohesion and local or regional development. We promote sectors, such as culture, environment protection, ecology, education, utility services, promotion of local products, maintenance of traditional activities and crafts, etc.