Temple of Demeter

An easy hike brings you to the interior of Naxos and to the ancient sanctuary of Demeter. The Temple of Demeter – protector goddess of farmers and agriculture – which is considered as the blueprint of the Parthenon in Acropolis and the nearby Museum, honoured for its architectural features and its harmonious incorporation into the surroundings, all placed on the hill of Gyroulas. We visit the most significant byzantine churches of the area and the Bazeos Tower-well known for its annual art exhibitions and its historical interest as it used to be an old monastery known as “Timios Stavros” (Holy Cross) which the nearby village was named after..

Level: Easy
Walking time: 2h
Duration*: 4h (plus time spent in the museum and Bazaios Tower)
Distance: 8.5 km
Other Technical Details:
Elevation gain: 209m, elevation loss: -209m, maximum inclination: 11.7% (asc.) -15.3% (desc.), average inclination: 4.3% (asc.) -5.1% (desc.)

* Hiking duration may vary depending on the time spent visiting the sights.
All sights are open to visitors mainly on high season period (July- August). When the sights are closed the hiking duration is approximately same to the actual walking time.