5. Danakos Ravine

A beautiful hiking trail in a magnificent landscape. The trail starts at one of the island’s oldest settlements, the small but attractive village of Danakos, well-known for its clear water springs, situated at the foot of Mt. Zas. Initially stone-paved and uphill, the trail crosses an oak-forested area, just before reaching the fortified monastery of Christ Photodotis with its outstanding aniconic frescoes. An easy hike leads us to the church of Agia Marina, where an old footpath, descending in parallel to the lush gorge, crosses a forested landscape full of oaks and plane trees.
The picturesque fountainhead under a giant and shady plane tree is the best place to end our impressive walk.

Level: Moderate
Walking time: 1h 50 min
Duration*: 2h 30min – 3h
Distance: 4.5 km
Other Technical Details:
Elevation gain: 236m, elevation loss: -236m, maximum inclination: 23.5% (asc.) -23.6% (desc.), average inclination: 4.6% (asc.) -5.1% (desc.)

* Hiking duration may vary depending on the time spent visiting the sights.
All sights are open to visitors mainly on high season period (July- August). When the sights are closed the hiking duration is approximately same to the actual walking time.