• Naxos Trekking tours are designed around the average traveller, combining information on sites and places of interest that visitors could not have access to easily on their own. Our tours combine walking experiences with sightseeing, intended to let you explore unique hidden beauties of Naxos. We share our knowledge about history, nature, geology, culture and traditions of Naxos, so that you can reveal the pure soul of our island.

    The tours are designed on a main schedule which is pre arranged, but we are flexible on making changes according to your requests and needs, where is possible.

  • Travellers above the age of 12 are allowed on our small group tours.

    On our private groups can participate travellers of all ages. (Children should be under parental supervision).

  • Naxos Trekking operates all year round, on a daily basis. Keeping mainly participant’s safety in mind, our tours are conducted weather and conditions permitting (temperature, wind, etc). Starting time might vary depending on the time of the year. The most suitable for hiking time of the day is always chosen.

    Naxos Trekking has the right to amend or cancel a tour due to adverse weather conditions.

  • Most of our tours are circular and almost all end at locations offering catering facilities.

  • Our tours are conducted at a comfortable pace and cover anywhere between 4.5 to 10.5 kilometers (2.8 to 6.5 miles). Their rating varies form easy to demanding.

    The elevation gain / loss ranges anywhere between 200 to 670 meters (660 to 2210 feet). They are all geared towards the average active traveler, and are designed to be relaxing yet dynamic.

    For more technical details, check the “Hikes” section of our site.

    Everyone who doesn’t have medical issues is capable of participating Naxos Trekking tours. Nevertheless you will enjoy them more if you have a moderate level of fitness.

    Our tours are not suitable for people with walking difficulties, strollers and wheelchairs.

  • Cash, Paypal and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) are accepted.

  • Museums, Archaeological Sites & Exhibitions

    Admission to museums and archaeological sites requires an extra cost.

    Demeter Temple & Museum ticket: 4 €

    Bazeos Tower Exhibition ticket: 4 €


    Entering a church in Greece (including ancient ones) is free.

    Nevertheless, it has always been a common practice to give a small amount of money when visiting a church in Greece. This money is used for maintenance reasons. Therefore, being part of this tradition is optional to you.

    It is always advisable to bear with you some pocket money for any small expenses.