6. Kinidaros – Ag. Artemios – Eggares

A beautiful route follows the river flow from the spring of Kinidaros down to Engares. We cross the ravine following the parallel to the river water channel, listening the singing of the flowing waters until we reach the 18th century church of Agios Artemios. We pass through the old torch stone bridge and continue our walk by the river on a lush vegetation, meeting several old watermills. A beautiful trail leads us to the shady river and gives us the opportunity to admire the water turtles that live on this place. An ascending footpath leads us to the pretty village of Engares.

Level: Moderate to Demanding
Walking Time: 3h 40min
Duration: 4h 30min
Distance: 10.5 km
Other Technical Details:
Elevation gain: 0m, elevation loss: -375m, maximum inclination: 23.1% (asc.) -34.4% (desc.), average inclination: 4.9% (asc.) -7.7% (desc.)