Looking Back In Time

Today Naxos is a serene, idyllic island beloved by visitors, but centuries ago during the Middle Ages it had a turbulent history that was dictated by Venetian lords and Byzantine rulers. This tour is a great opportunity to unlock the mysteries surrounding the island’s past. As you walk through Halki, the most well preserved village in Naxos, you’ll begin to understand the rich history of the island’s most fertile valley, Tragea. Embark on an enchanting 3-hour hike through the valley and its main town, and you’ll be amazed at how little the culture, architecture and local way of life changed since the 6th century. You’ll even get to taste a unique local citrus-based liqueur.

Tour Highlights:

The picturesque village of Halki, Byzantine churches, Citron distillery and liqueur tasting, Venetian tower.


  • Distance: 3km
  • Level: Easy
  • Total duration: 4+ hours ( plus the driving time 1+h)


  • flexible starting time
  • certified guide/narrator
  • guided tour around included sights and spots of interest
  • bottled water, bio local refreshment and snacks
  • a treat in a local Kafeneio. The treat consists of a coffee/soft drink or beer/wine and a plateau of local sweets or a plateau of meze bites.
  • all taxes

Does not include:

  • personal expenses
  • tips

Rate for private tour
1 to 3 person: from 120 euros
4 to 8 person: from 60 euros